About eSmart

The eSmart portal is intended for producers, local distribution companies and energy consumers to access measured data from energy production and consumption. eSmart also ensures automatic reporting of data to OKTE, SEPS and RDS information systems and assists energy produces and distribution companies to meet the requirements of the applicable legislation - Act no. 251/2012 Coll. on energy. eSmart obtains the measured data directly by reading it from IMS smart metering systems and also indirectly from the regional distribution companies RDS that have this data available.

OKTE, a.s.OKTE, a.s. carries out its competence in the area of collection, management and disclosure of measured data pursuant to § 37 section 4 letter c) point 1 of the Act No. 251/2012 Coll. on energy and on alteration and amendment to certain laws (The Act on Energy Sector). OKTE, a.s. operates according to the Act on Energy sector, the Act No. 250/2012 Coll. on Regulation of Network Industries (The Act on Regulation), in the extent according to the Ordinance of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries No. 24/2013 Coll. determining the internal electricity market rules and internal gas market rules (Market Rules) and the OKTE, a.s. Operation Order (Operation Order). Business activity listed above is regulated and is liable to price regulation of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries.<br/> Electricity producers, system operators and direct lines operators are obliged, under the terms of the aforementioned legislation, to access and enter data into the OKTE, a.s., information system and are responsible for the accuracy, timely provision and completeness of the provided data. Data are being utilized in the Imbalance settlement, Disclosure of the data, and the Central invoicing of selected services processes.

SEPS, a.s.Provision of data from electricity production, consumption and distribution to SEPS, a.s. by market participants - Decree of URSO from 14 January 2013; determines the rules for functioning of the internal electricity market and the rules for functioning of the internal gas market; obliges the distribution companies according to § 19 to provide daily and montly data to SEPS